Sometimes I saw people using this gadget and it looks quite stylish and easy-to-use with the wise touch screen application developed by Apple Inc. I did some researches on this gadget and found it doesn't really satisfies my own life. The price of current Iphone 3G is around RM2.4k and it's quite high~!

There is no secondary camera for 3G video calling support - my current cheap phone does!
Sometimes I like to sms a lot and there's some moment, the sms was typed with my eyes closed, and I don't think I can do that on Iphone~

The battery life for Iphone is quite ok but it become worst when I switched on the Wi-Fi and also when playing some 'heavy' games. The phone seems like to turn no more than one hour.
Yea, I'm quite bored to my phone but without battery charge, I will get bored to death~

No offense to Iphone users, I'm just sharing my experience with Iphone =)

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