Kelantan.Located at north-eastern corner of peninsular Malaysia, it's the state where I've existed and stayed, till now. Kelantan is a world of gracious beauty, retaining an old-world charm that no one can resist.

It is declared as an Islamic City by PAS government, the current power of Kelantan now. As we are here, we can see mostly signboards are written in dwi-style of typing, they are in usual character and in Jawi.
But sometimes it's kinda weird to spell things in Jawi, like Tesco. I need to stare for a quite time to understand it. But still, it's quite interesting yet unique value that doesn't possessed by other states, i think so.

We are using different dialect of Malay, which is hardly understand by other people outside of Kelantan.
And i realize that some dialects are adapted from English, like "bekwoh" is from the word of Big Work, usually used for the wedding occasion here.

Even some people says that Kelantan is lack of devemopment, I still love staying here and it's quite peaceful compared staying at the big modern city. The crime level still moderate and almost zero people wearing sexy here ;)

Kelantan got no cinemas, so we have to go outside to have new released movies.

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